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Tour Registration Form


We suggest you read the information given below before completing the online Tour Registration form.

If you are unsure of any item then please feel free to email the club at for assistance.

All fields marked with an asterisk must be completed. Any of the compulsory fields not completed when you submit the form will be shown highlighted in red and must be completed to allow the form to be submitted.

Tour Participants

Please enter details of the driver and all passengers.

The Tour Registration fee is $200 for one car, the driver and one passenger. Additional passengers are $100 per person.

Children 16 years and younger are free but names and age details are required.

Any non-members of the club will be given a years membership as part of the Tour Registration fee.

The fees payable should be paid directly to the NZRR&BC bank account number:

02-0192-0393821-002 noting your full name and "50th Rally" in the reference fields. “Please use the suffix number”  which is 002. 

Tour Registrations must be received by the 1st February 2023. 

Tour Travel Packages.

These are shown on the second part of the tour registration form.  When you "Submit" the form you will then be directed to the Tour Travel Package options.

Paper Registration Form option

If you would prefer to complete a paper Tour registration form then we will be making one available shortly.

NZRR&BC 50th Anniversary Tour
Registration Form
Tour Participants
Confirm payment due
Note that children 16 and under are not counted as passengers when selecting the correct Tour Registration Fee above.

The payment amount selected above should be paid to the NZRR&BC bank account  
02-0192-0393821-002 within 7 days of form submission.  “Please use the correct suffix number”.


Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Any bookings made indicate acceptance and understanding of all conditions relating to the 50th Anniversary Tour organised by the Committee of the New Zealand Rolls Royce & Bentley Club Incorporated.

Breakdown Support

There will not be any mechanical or breakdown support on the Tour. A first-aid kit and fire extinguisher are recommended to be carried. We would also recommend AA Plus membership, including Roadside Assist.


We strongly recommend that all travelers take out appropriate travel insurance cover for all eventualities. 

Tour Registration Exclusions

  • Accommodation

  • Car shipping, Insurance and running costs

  • Food & beverages


All costs outlined are in New Zealand Dollars and include New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST at 15% at time of printing). We reserve the right to increase prices should there be a change to the GST tax rate or if there are further Government introduced taxes.

Cancelation by you

No refunds will be available for  your registration fee after the cancellation cut-off date of the 1st March 2023.

Cancelation by us

Pandemic events, government travel restrictions and weather interruptions to itineraries and activities are beyond our control. 

Should the Tour not proceed then no refund of your registration fee will be given.


Children 16 years and under can take part in the Tour but do not need to be included when calculating the Tour Registration Fee, but names and ages should be given. Parental guidance is the sole responsibility of the registering adult, including the provision of appropriate in-vehicle child restraints.


The Tour is being operated by the New Zealand Rolls Royce & Bentley Club Incorporated, who do not accept any legal liability for damage including death, injury, delay, loss of any nature, additional expenses or inconvenience howsoever caused to property or the participants. Participants or their executors, administers and dependents expressly renounces all claim against New Zealand Rolls Royce & Bentley Club Incorporated.


I/We agree to be bound by all rules, regulations, and directions of the Organiser, in consideration of the right to enter the Tour.  I/We agree to release the Organiser, venue operators and other involved parties from all liability for injury, damage or loss whatsoever arising from travel to, from or during this tour, or from participation in events associated with the tour.  I/we agree to the Tour Registration Conditions and the General Information provided here.

Confirm your agreement to the above by ticking the box at the bottom of the form.

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